The Cram Sourcebook: Volume Two


Details the first seven generations of Crams in America, all descended from John Cram, who emigrated from England to Boston and was allotted land at Muddy River in 1637. He joined the Rev. John Wheelwright, founder of Exeter, and was a signer of the Exeter Combination in 1639. Some Cram family members later moved to Maine with Wheelwright; others migrated west following the Revolutionary War, into the Midwest and Plains states, and on to California. The movements of all can be followed in these pages. Appendices include a history of the Muddy River allotments and a map of John Cram's allotment; an essay on the career of Rev. Wheelwright; transcripts of the wills of John Cram (1665), Benjamin Cram (1707/8) and Thomas Cram (1751); a memoir of Mrs. Jane Cram (1811), and other documents. An every name index makes finding people easy!


Michael Cram 

(1996), 2016 , 8½x11, paper, index, 524 pp.

ISBN: 9780788404597