Ohio County (West Virginia) Index, Volume 4


Index to the County Court Order Books (Part 4) 1777-1881; Plaintiffs D-H, defendants A-Z

Volume Four continues the Ohio County Index series by publishing more records from the index to Ohio County, (West) Virginia, County Court Order Books from 1777 to 1881 as originally extracted during the 1930s. Volume four covers Plaintiffs with surnames D through H (64% of index names) and Defendants and miscellaneous entries with surnames A through Z (36% of index names). Facsimiles of the original pages are presented with a reference to source and page number. A personal time line index is also included totaling over 16,000 entries!

Kenneth Fischer Craft, Jr. 

1999, 8½x11, paper, indices, 402 pp. 

ISBN: 9780788413186