The Rawson Family: A Revised Memoir of Edward Rawson, Secretary of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay


The Rawson Family. A Revised Memoir Of Edward Rawson, Secretary Of The Colony Of Massachusetts Bay, From 1650 To 1686; With Genealogical Notices Of His Descendants, Including Nine Generations - E. B. Crane. Edward Rawson (1615–1693) came from England in 1636 or 1637, and became a respected public official in the town of Newbury, Massachusetts Bay Colony. He was married to Rachel Perne while still in England, and they had twelve children. This record traces the descendants of their two sons who settled in America—William and Grindal. The book begins with an explanation of the methods used to compile this work, followed by a discussion of the origins of the name and a description and illustration of the Rawson coat of arms. More than 3500 family members are listed in this genealogy, ending in the mid-19th century with the ninth generation. Consecutive numbers are assigned to those who bear the name of Rawson, and to descendants who are heads of families (regardless of surname). No two names receive the same number, although the same name may appear twice under different numbers—first as child, then as parent. Some entries consist only of name and date of birth, while others may also list spouse, children, residence, education, occupation, military service, date and place of death, or whatever other information is known. This work includes two indices. The first includes Rawsons only; the second includes heads of families with different surnames who are Rawson descendants and those who have intermarried with that family. Dates of birth (when known) are listed with the names indexed. Allied families include Aldrich, Bass, Billings, Borwn, Chapin, Davis, Dodge, Dorr, Emerson, Hale, Hall, Haywood, Hazeltine, Holmes, Hutchinson, Keith, Leland, Parkhurst, Sears, Taft, Thwing, White, Wilkinson, Witherell and Wood. The appendix contains transcriptions of letters, deeds and other documents relating to the Rawson family. (1875, 2000), 2013, 5½x8½, paper, index, 336 pp.

ISBN: 9780788415852