CD: Ansbach-Bayreuth Diaries from the Revolutionary War


These essential works will provide students of history access to comprehensive, first-person accounts of the American Revolution. These diaries were originally published as the following three books:

A Hessian Diary of the American Revolution by Johann Conrad Döhla (1990),

A Hessian Officer’s Diary of the American Revolution (1994), and

Diaries of Two Ansbach Jaegers (1997). The texts include introductory materials and editorial notes, plus maps and illustrations.

This CD-ROM uses the powerful Adobe Acrobat reader provided free on the CD for Windows and Macintosh. The format preserves the look of the original page and allows the user to search for names and places. When you run a search, the "hits" are highlighted on each page for easy identification. Mr. Burgoyne is a recipient of the Benjamin Franklin Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Revolution Roundtable of Philadelphia.

Bruce E. Burgoyne

1999, CD, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, c800 pp.

ISBN: 9780788411021