CD: Genealogies, Volume 6

CD: Genealogies, Volume 6 - William Haslet Jones. This CD-ROM contains electronic image reprints of the following five works of genealogy by William Haslet Jones: * The Yeaton Family of New England 1650-1900 -1997). The author's research of his mother's family line led to this eight generation family history. Richard Yeaton (c 1650-1732) was first to appear in New England. He was a fisherman on the Isle of Shoals by 1683. His sons first migrated to New Castle and Somerset, NH, later going to Maine and elsewhere. Information was compiled from vital records, town histories, probated records, and land records and from private correspondence. Two full name indices, one for Yeaton names and one for other names, maps of England and the village of Yeaton, photos of houses in Yeaton, England, a pedigree chart and a bibliography are included. 1,500 names are noted. * William Tilton: His English Origins & Some American Descendants - William Haslet Jones (1997). In this book the English home of William Tilton and his sons John and Peter Tilton has been traced to Wolston, Co. Warwickshire. Part 1 presents the Tilton family line and the female lines of Bayley, Dafferne, Focell and Pycroft in England, 1500-1725. The Tilton name is traced back seven generations with certainty in England. Part 2 presents findings of the first six generations of the Tilton family in America, 1640-1800. Appendices include details on President Millard Fillmore's Tilton ancestry, and a summary of Tilton names found but unable to be connected to known family branches. A full name index, pedigree charts, a bibliography, photos and maps are included. 2,500 names are noted. * The Rowell Family of New England & Their English Origins, 1560-1900: Descendants of Thomas Rowell 1594-1662 - William Haslet Jones (1996). Thomas Rowell and his son Valentine Rowell, original proprietors of Salisbury, Mass., have been traced to Atherstone, County Warwickshire, England. Part 1 of the book presents Rowell and Hampton Family genealogical findings in England, 1560-1700. Part 2 of the book presents ten generations of Rowell family findings in New England, 1638-1900. Three apparently unrelated Rowell families appear in early records of Connecticut, New Hampshire, and South Caroline. Findings on these families are included in the appendix. Full name indices (one for Rowell names and one for other names) and a pedigree chart are included. 4,600 names are noted. * Winkley Family: English Origin of Capt. Samuel Winkley & Some New England Descendants - William Haslet Jones (1998). Discusses the controversy as to whether Capt. Samuel Winkley came to America from Lancashire, England. The author has found evidence to confirm that Samuel Winkley's origins in Devon, England (the surname Winkley can be found in Devon as early as 1219). Part 1 covers the Winkley family in England, 1543-1700, and the related Clarke and Headon families. Part 2 covers Winkleys in New England, 1680-1900, through eight generations. Appendices provide wills, probate records and war service records. Indices of Winkleys and other names round out the work. * Philip Towle, Hampton, New Hampshire: His English Origins & Some American Descendants - William Haslet Jones (1995). The English home of Philip Towle, an early settler of Hampton, NH, has been established with a high degree of certainty to be the parish of Crediton, County Devon. His ancestry in Co. Devon was traced back four generations to Roger Toolie, born about 1545 at Colebrooke, Devon. Crediton parish records, records of adjacent parishes, Devon will lists, Subsidy Rolls, and 1641 Protection Rolls are all presented as proof of Philip Towle's English origin. In addition, the descendants of Philip Towle in New England, for the first six generations, are presented as an aid to researchers tracing this family. An appendix includes a variety of Towle entries from various sources in England and New England. With indices of Towles and all other full names, and maps showing the location of the parish of Crediton and surrounding parishes. 2000, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, 975 pp. 101-CD1363 ISBN: 0788413635