CD: The Dead Towns of Georgia


CD: The Dead Towns of Georgia - Charles C. Jones. This interesting work provides histories of numerous towns that were established in Georgia, flourished for a time, and then passed into oblivion. Among the major subjects are the towns of Old Ebenezer (1733) on the Savannah River, Frederica (1735) on St. Simon's Island, Abercorn (1733) on a tributary of the Savannah, Sunbury (1758) on the Medway River, and Hardwick (1755) on the Ogeechee River. Also mentioned are Petersburg, Jacksonborough, Francisville, and many other communities. Emphasis is placed on the colonial period. The role of these towns in the conflict with the Spanish from Florida, and later with the British during the American Revolution, is discussed. The first settlers in Old Ebenezer and Frederica were Saltzburgers from Germany, while the founders of Sunsbury were New England Puritans from Dorchester, Roxbury, and Milton, Massachusetts who had left there in 1697 with their pastor, Rev. Joseph Lord. These Puritans settled in Dorchester, South Carolina where they sojourned for about fifty years before removing to Georgia. Many early residents are named in the historical text and there is an extensive list of the proprietors of Sunbury, as well as maps of several of the communities. The book is well documented with numerous explanatory footnotes and citations to sources. A fullname plus subject index augments this work.

(1878), 2006, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, 263 pp.

101-CD3314 ISBN: 0788433148