CD: The Code of Virginia

CD: The Code of Virginia - Kenneth F. Craft, Jr. This CD-ROM includes electronic reprints of two important volumes on Virginia. In reprints such as these, it is often not possible to remove blemishes from the original. However, the contents of these books warrant their reissue despite these blemishes.The Code of Virginia: With the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States; and the Declaration of Rights and Constitution of Virginia (1849), subject index, 930 pp. This work was published pursuant to an act of the General Assembly of Virginia that was passed on the fifteenth of August 1849. This act provided that "the publication shall be in a volume containing…the declaration of independence, the constitution of the United States and the amendments thereto; the declaration of rights by the representatives of the people of Virginia adopted on the 12th of June 1776; the amended constitution or form of government of Virginia adopted on the 14th of January 1830; and an exact and copious index." The Code of Virginia contains two hundred and sixteen chapters under fifty-seven titles. Jurisdiction of the Commonwealth, Elections by the People, Public Defense, Slaves and Free Negroes, Crimes and Punishments, and Penitentiary are a few of the many titles. An index to subjects augments the text.A Guide to Magistrates: With Practical Forms for the Discharge of their Duties Out of Court. To Which Are Added, Precedents for the Use of Prosecutors, Sheriffs, Coroners, Constables, Escheators, Clerks, Etc. Adapted to the New Code of Virginia by Joseph Mayo, (1850) subject index, 702 pp. Joseph Mayo was a counsellor at law and public prosecutor in the Hustings Court in Richmond. This work "professes to aid the Justices of the Peace in Virginia in the discharge of the various and complicated duties connected with their office, which devolve on them out of Court; where, unaided by legal advice, they are frequently called to act under circumstances involving the highest degree of responsibility and difficulty." Templates of necessary forms accompany detailed explanations of legal offenses. An index to subjects augments the text. (1849, 1850), 2005, CD, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, 1634 pp. 101-CD3498 ISBN: 0788434985