CD: The Major and The Queen or, A Royal Grant to a Gallant Soldier

CD: The Major and The Queen or, A Royal Grant to a Gallant Soldier - S. L. Mershon. "After the English Crown had acquired the actual title to the lands on Staten Island, it made many grants of various tracts for settlement and farming purposes until it had granted about one half of the Island. Then Queen Anne, the owner in fee of all of the remaining Staten Island lands, made one final, complete and comprehensive grant of all of the Crown lands on the Island to Major Lancaster Symes. This grant was made for meritorious and valuable services rendered by him to the Crown of England and to the nation for which he fought and to the Provinces in behalf of which he labored up to the close of his eventful and strenuous life." He, in turn, conveyed land to St. Andrew's Church on Staten Island, "in trust and for the use of the Church of England…also other land for its endowment." Because American historians have given scant attention to the "remarkable record and striking personality of this loyal, heroic and commercially successful son of eminent English ancestry," this book strives to remedy that omission. Chapters include Historic Places on Staten Island; Four Foundation Stones; Discover, Fidelity and Reward; Additional Facts Relating to Major Lancaster Symes; Propositions of Law Relating to Crown Grants of Land; Biographical Record of Major Lancaster Symes in America; Staten Island Literature; Bibliography of Staten Island and more. (1915), 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, v6, 154 pp. 101-CD3546 ISBN: 0788435469