The Great West, or the Garden of the World

Its History, Its Wealth, Its Natural Advantages, and Its Future. Also Comprising a Complete Guide to Emigrants, with a Full Description of the Different Routes Westward, with Statistics and Facts, from Hon. Thomas H. Benton, Gen. Sam Houston, and Col. John C. Fremont
This book captures the enthusiasm and awe which was felt during the height of America's westward expansion. Written to stimulate emigration, it includes descriptive chapters on the following states: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Oregon, Washington Territory, and California. Each chapter discusses such things as state boundaries, settlements, climate, agriculture, education, religious groups, population, mines, forts, squatter laws, and major cities. Other subjects covered include Kansas Emigrants, the American Settlement Co., the Octagon Settlement Co., Rivers, Routes to the West, advice for emigrants, Col. Fremont's explorations in California, railway distance charts, costs of passage, and other statistics.
C. W. Dana

ISBN: 9781556137587