The Essex Genealogist, Volume 3, 1983

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The Essex Genealogist, Volume 3, 1983 - Essex Society of Genealogists, Inc. Feature Articles: "The Professional Genealogist," "The New England Historic Genealogical Society," "The Great Indian Shake-Down in Essex County," "New England Church Records." Research in Progress: Gott family, William Perkins, Perkins family, the Holyoke Grant, Edmund Johnson of Salem, Dr. Charles Chauncey Chandler, Jeffrey Massey family, Bates family, Calvin Shepherd, Alvah Cotton, John Wells Small. Other family names featured in this volume: Fairfield, Hawkes (Cook), Hutchison (Lee), Haynes, McCormick, Tuttle (Woods) (Henry), Wiswall, Ritter (Runner), Buckman (Morrison), Wills, Alden (Clement), Poland, Clark (Olsen), Sharpe (Heckman), Woodman (Brooks). (1983) reprint, 8½x11, new index, illus., 262 pp. 101-E0465 ISBN: 0788404652