Somerset County, Maryland Marriage References and Family Relationships, Volume 2, 1750-1800


Despite its title, for various reasons, the first volume Somerset County, Maryland Marriage References and Family Relationships, 1666–1800 essentially ended about 1750, except for the inclusion of marriage licenses for the period 1796–1800. This volume picks up about 1750 and continues to about 1819 with probate records, wills, inventories and administration accounts; parish, marriage, and cemetery records; along with some assorted other sources. These records may give you children, grandchildren, spouses of daughters, remarriage of the widow, and may indicate the deaths of children named in the will who are not mentioned in the estate distribution or whose portions are left to their children. Parents or siblings may also be mentioned. Every entry has one or more references given.

While this book is not an attempt to build family trees, many families have been compiled from parish records and probate records, and there are many entries that appear to refer to the same family that are given as separate entries because the reference was not specific enough to be certain of the connection.

A list of references, an Addendum and Corrections to Book One, and a full-name index add to the value of this work.

Lyndeth Esgar

2023, 8½x11, paper, alphabetical, index, 320 pp. 

SBN: 9780788429583