Hurley Families in American Volume 1, Revised Edition


Mr. Hurley has made numerous additions and corrections and has included 3000 more names than the original edition! Volume 1 now contains all the known or probable descendants of Daniel Hurley, the 1676 immigrant of Talbot County, Maryland. Follows nine or more generations, in both the male and female lines. Added chapters include: Jasper Hurley (b. 1825), William Neal Hurley, Jr. (b. 1924); Nancy Hurley (1800-1879); William Hurley (1803-1884); Edmund Hurley, Sr. (1788-1850/60); American towns named Hurley and census records of Ashe County, North Carolina.

William Neal Hurley, Jr.

(1999, 2007), 2019, 8½x11, case-laminate, index, 472 pp

ISBN: 9780788411762