Descendants of Lorenz and Anna M. Hoff/Hooff


The authors’ search for Hoff/Hooff information has taken them to churches and cemeteries in Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland, and to the National Archives in Washington, D.C., yielding much previously unpublished data on the family. This work is composed of brief genealogical/biographical sketches of Hoff/Hooff descendants including: Hooff - Lorenz (Lawrence Hoff/Hough), 1710–1779; Laurentius (Laurence), 1754–1834; John, 1783–1859; Lewis, 1791–1874; James Wallace, 1825–1915; Lewis II, 1852–1916; Charles Rapley, 1826–1909; Charles Rapley, 1882–1972; Charles Rapley, 1911–1995; John Carlyle Herbert, 1918–1999; William, 1796–1850; John Lawrence Cramer, 1823–1906; William Lawrence, 1859–1936; Francis Rankin, 1827–1896; Edward Lee, 1865–1932; Hammond Francis, 1885–1964; Jessie Gordon, 1913–1975; Ronald Lee, b.1939; Philip Henry, 1801–1888; James Lawrence, 1825–1887; Fontaine Beckham, 1866–1941; Fontaine Beckham Jr., b.1919; Allison Armstead, 1872–1944; Washington Hammond, 1875–1954; Philip Henry Jr., 1829–1913; Philip Henry III, 1869–1952; Wilson Lee, 1906–1993; John Vowell, 1831–1874; and, Hoff - Mahlon Overall, 1871–1953; Robert McGill, 1907–1975; and Robert Byrne, b.1930. Entries include name, residence, date and place of birth, date and place of christening/baptism, date and place of marriage, date and place of death, place of burial, father’s name and mother’s name. Like information is also provided for the spouse(s). Children are listed with varying amounts of genealogical data. All spelling variations have been maintained. A variety of maps, family charts, photographs, copies of original documents, cemetery inscriptions, and a full-name index augment this work.


Ronald L. and Barbara M. Hooff


2000, (2015), 8½x11, paper, index, 228 pp.

ISBN: 9780788415784