France Revisited: Paris Rheims, and Genealogy


Finalist in the 2024 Indie Book Awards in the Regional (Non-Fiction) Category

On November 2023, Dr. Hill and his family took the opportunity to return to France. It was a trip to remember. The Hills – George and his wife, Lanie, and their daughters Sarah and Lana – had each been to France many years ago. And now, after the pandemic had passed, they took the opportunity to return. Their trip was planned to join others in tours to cathedrals in which the Kings of France had been crowned and where they had been buried. And to see historic churches in towns near Paris and Rheims. The Hills extended their stay to return to places that they had visited previously, and to other sites of interest. Versailles, Chartres, and the Champagne country. They would be in Paris on Armistice Day.

Dr. Hill made notes for a diary of the trip, and he took many photographs. After he returned to his home in Baltimore, he edited the diary. This book is the result of his work. It is illustrated with his own photos, and some taken by others who were on the trip. The edited Diary includes a Prologue, a Trip Plan, and an Epilogue. Hill has published more than twenty-five books. They include textbooks on medical and surgical topics, books on history and genealogy, and a prize-winning memoir, Surgeon’s Journey: A Venturesome Life.

George J. Hill, M.D., M.A., D.Litt.

2024, 6x9, paper, 136 pp.

ISBN: 9780788427787