Postscript to Surgeon's Journey: "My Green Valley" and Other Essays


In this Postscript, Dr. George Hill continues with stories that he began in his prize-winning book, Surgeon’s Journey: A Venturesome Life. The many facets of Dr. Hill’s life include his simultaneous and overlapping careers, as a thoracic and oncological surgeon, and as a Naval medical officer, with 35 years in the uniformed services.

After retiring from his academic career in medicine, Hill then embarked on a new career as a historian and writer. In this Postscript, we learn more about other aspects of his life as a scientist, adventurer, husband, and father. It is a life that he shared with his wife Lanie, now also a professor emeritus, who was also his partner in research and in his adventuresome life.

George J. Hill, M.D., D.Litt.

2024, 6x9, paper, 734 pp.

ISBN: 9780788429422