The Biographical Sketches Of Prominent Persons And The Genealogical Records Of Many Early And Other Families In Medway, Massachusetts, 1713-1886


The Medway Biographies and Genealogies contain more than one hundred fifty biographical sketches, and the genealogical records for nearly five hundred fifty families. The first half of the book is given to brief biographical sketches. The entries are listed in alphabetical order and include name of parents, town of origin, brief ancestral background, if known, occupation, information on spouse and children, contributions to the town of Medway, time and place of death. The second half of the book is dedicated to genealogies of Medway families. Some, but not all, of the families included are: Adams, Allen, Babcock, Barber, Blake, Boyd, Bullard, Bullen, Burr, Cary, Clark, Crane, Daniell, Daniels, Ellis, Fairbanks, Fisher, Fuller, Harding, Hill, Hixon, Holbrook, Jones, La Croix, Lovell, Mason, Metcalf, Morse, Partridge, Phillips, Pond, Richardson, Rockwood, Sanford, Shumway, Spencer, Thayer, Walker, Wheeler and Whiting. This work contains portraits of townspeople and engravings of the various homesteads in Medway. It also boasts two indices: the Index of Biographies and the Index of Genealogies.


E. O. Jameson 

(1886) 2002, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 208 pp.

ISBN: 0788421972