Charleston District, South Carolina, Journal of the Court of Ordinary 1812-1830


This volume represents the last work on a publication done by Mrs. Caroline T. Moore, author of the three volumes of Abstracts of the Wills of the State of South Carolina (1670-1740, 1740-1760, 1760-1784), a fourth volume Abstracts of the Wills of Charleston District 1783-1800, and an additional volume Abstracts of the Records of the Secretary of the Province 1692-1721, published in the period 1960-1978.

The present volume contains information about wills and estates and a list of marriage licenses 1812-1823. With few exceptions, the original loose wills and estates papers for Charleston District do not survive from this period. Therefore, much of the information in this record cannot be found elsewhere. As is the case with many records, there is information included from an earlier time, sometimes many years earlier. A number of soldiers died in 1815, and people from other districts in South Carolina were called on to administer their estates.

Caroline T. Moore

(2002), 2022, 5½x8½, paper, 216 pp.

ISBN: 9780788423390