The Diuguid Records, 1861-1865, and Biographical Sketches


The Diuguid Records, 1861-1865, and Biographical Sketches - Jerry H. Markham. Between May 1, 1861 and May 31, 1865 at least 2,726 soldiers (including Union soldiers) were prepared for burial in Lynchburg, Virginia, by Diuguid Funeral Home. This number is based on the burial records maintained by Mr. George Alexander Diuguid (1820-1893), cabinetmaker and undertaker. Using Mr. Diuguid’s burial records and other sources, this volume was created to identify each soldier, provide his burial location, date of death or burial, cause of death (if it can be determined), and any pertinent information related to that individual. Part I of this work discusses the Diuguid records, George Alexander Diuguid and related history. A list of known surgeons, assistant surgeons, local physicians, hospital stewards and clergy that worked or served in the Lynchburg hospital system from 1861 to 1865 augments this section. Part II is devoted to alphabetically arranged Old City (Methodist) Cemetery listings that include (as available): full name, regiment or unit, state, company, branch of service, lot number, grave number, row, date of burial or death, cause of death and hospital. This section also provides similar information gleaned from a selection of other area cemeteries. Part III contains alphabetically arranged biographical sketches. Sketches generally include: age; home address; name of wife, parents, or relative; birth date, specific cause of death and any other pertinent information available on the individual. Part IV examines diseases, illnesses and wounds of the period. Sketches, tables, figures, charts, photographs and a bibliography add to the value of this work. 2007, 6x9, paper, 434 pp.

ISBN: 9780788442926