The Way We Were, The History and Genealogy of the Town of Collins: The Civil War Era Volume Two, 1852-1900


The first volume of The Way We Were: The History and Genealogy of the Town of Collins, offered a look at events that eventually lead to the settlement of the town of Collins. It offered insight into the people who eventually chose to settle the area, as well as the political decisions that formed the town boundaries. The first volume also presented extensive family genealogies of a few of the town’s founding fathers. The period of November 1852 through December 31, 1899 is covered in the second volume. During this period of time, several major historical events shaped the mindset of the people and directly impacted the lives of town residents; one such event was the Civil War. In this volume, the authors retrace the steps of the brave Collins’ men who volunteered to fight for the preservation of the Union. Included are details concerning the men, the paths they walked, and the battles they fought. To enhance the story, the authors have included facsimile reprints of photographs from the era. The history of this era also included two murders, which shocked area residents. One murder ended with the murderer taking his own life rather than face the mob that was hot on his trail. The other murder resulted in a trial that would make the O. J. Simpson murder trial appear to be no more than a copy from history. In addition, Collins’ residents were facing new technological advances, easier access to communications, and the Spanish-American War.

Linda and Charlie Munro

2012, 6x9, paper, 420 pp.

ISBN: 9780788451928