Accomack Tithables, 1663-1695


Some of the most valuable sources of information relative to the early generations of Virginia families are the lists of tithables, or tax lists. These lists enable the researcher to establish the locality in which many of our early ancestors first settled, and, when the tithables are recorded in other counties, to follow them with more or less accuracy when they moved on. Unfortunately all of the counties did not record these lists, but those of Northampton and Accomack were, and have, among other things, proved invaluable in connecting many of the families of these two counties with Sussex, Delaware; and Somerset, Worcester and other counties of Lower Maryland. The lists in this volume have been carefully copied and verified by the compiler, and it is his sincere hope that it will prove to be of value to those interested in the history and genealogy of Virginia. Tax lists are provided for each year except 1672 and 1673, which are missing.

Stratton Nottingham

(1931, 2001), 2010, 5½x8½, paper, 82 pp.

ISBN: 9781585492626