The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume 50, 1896


Genealogies: Radcliffe Pedigree, Palmer, Woodward, Wyman DeLotbiniere, Stocking, Weston, Comee-Comey, Whittier, Converse, Read, May, Stanwood. Biographical Sketches: Claflin, Forster, Hall, Hastings, Lyon, Thompson, Titcomb, Lt.-Gov. Wm Stoughton, Balthazar Willix, Eben Parsons and Fatherland Farm, Ezekiel Rogers, Roger Williams, Jane Whalley, Alexander Hamilton Bullock, Ensign William Hilton of York, Maine, Charles Carleton Coffin, Clifford Stanley Sims, Brig. Gen. Thomas Lincoln Casey, U.S.A., Hon. Nathan Read, Hermon C. Goodwin. Other Records: Marriages and Marriage intentions of Pepperellboro 1768-1775, James Barrett's returns of men mustered into service, Dorchester marr intentions 1744-47, Baptisms in the Second Church in Pembroke, 1748-1803, Records of New Castle NH Marriages, Old Families of Amesbury and Salisbury, Soldiers in King Philip's War, Barnstable Deeds. Also an index to genealogies for the first 50 volumes.

New England Historic Genealogical Society

(1896) reprint, index, illus., 612 pp. 

ISBN: 9780788408656