The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume 58, 1904


Genealogies: George Holmes, Charles Caldwell, Thomas Wright, Benjamin Wright, William Luddington, Clement Topliff, John Hill, John Moore, Edward Frisbie, Henry Sherburne, Richard Clarke, John Hodgkin, Digory Sargent, Samuel Hodgkins (or Hotchkiss), Thomas Blatchley (or Blachley). Family Histories: King, Cotton, Holbrook, Yendell, Vail, Whitman, Brooks. Bible Records: Chase, Hearsey, Belcher. Memoirs: Newton Talbot, William Sumner Appleton, John Joseph May, John Tyler Hassam. Church Records: Marriages by Rev. Josiah Badcock, Andover, NH, 1782-1828; Baptisms for the First Church of Barre, MA, 1767-1831; Second Church of Scituate; Baptisms for the First Church of Holden, MA, 1743-1822; and the Fourth Church of Guilford, CT. Other Records: A List of Revolutionary War Soldiers; Historical Sketch of Newington, NH; Deaths in Hampton, NH, 1727-1755; Soldiers in the French and Indian War, 1758; notes; queries; death notices; and more.


New England Historic Genealogical Society

 (1904), reprint, indices, illus., 412 pp.

ISBN: 9780788410871