The Register of New Netherlands, 1626-1674


The Register of New Netherland, 1626-1674 - Edmund B. O’Callaghan.

This book is a wonderful research aid! New Netherland originally extended from the Chesapeake to Cape Cod. It later was what is now Delaware, New Jersey and New York. The author has identified the name, location and date of service of every Dutch official to serve in New Netherland until the last trace of Dutch authority was removed in 1674. Chapters include: Directors of the Dutch West India Company, Commissioners of New Amstel, Patroon of New Netherland Directors General, Members of the Council of New Netherland, Surveyors General, Commissaries of Districts, Burgomasters and Schepens Orphan Masters, Magistrates, Town Clerks, Town Treasurers, Court Messengers, Provost Marshals, Fire Wardens, Clergymen, Notaries, Members of the General Assembly, Commissioners, Physicians, Midwives, School Masters, Ambassadors and much more. The original fullname index is included.

(1865), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 220 pp.

ISBN: 9780788422263