The John Pyne Family in America: Decendants of John Pyne (1766-1813) of Charleston, South Carolina


John Pyne immigrated from Ireland, arriving in Charleston, S.C. in 1808. Covers his ancestors and the related descendants of Adams, Bankhead, Barretto, Braun, Burrill, Cary, Correia, Cowley, Crow, DiGiacomo, Edwards, Guest, Hover, Hutchinson, Kennedy, Lewis, Lundie, March, Marr, Morris, Mulford, Neilson, Newhall, Oliver, Ostrander, Parker, Patterson, Perry, Roberts, Saliba, Shadduck, Schreiber, Smelser, Washburn, Way and Whitelock.


Frederick Wallace Pyne 

1992, 224 pp.

ISBN: 9780963253903