The Windham County, Connecticut, County Court Records, 1726-1732

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The Windham County, Connecticut, County Court Records, 1726-1732: Abstracts of Volume I, Connecticut State Library Archives, Capitol Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut - Marcella Houle Pasay. This work offers abstracts of never before published court records from a rather obscure source-an excellent resource for the pre-census era. The residences of plaintiffs, defendants and petitioners are noted along with their occupations and even familial relationships in some instances. Cases include: Debts, issue of tanning and tavern licenses, property attachments, thefts, trespassing, fornication, and petitions for new highways, just to name a few. All the towns of early Windham County are represented, plus towns in neighboring counties and states (MA, RI & NY). The index includes every person named, every location mentioned, and each type of suit in the work. Not only are litigants indexed, but anyone named in a suit or petition, including court officials. This is an excellent research tool for those who are unable to visit the archives and a shortcut to poring over old, under-indexed volumes with faded script. 2000, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 184 pp.

ISBN: 9780788416835