History of Hardwick, Massachusetts


The author, a native of Hardwick, has gathered and preserved herein a history of Hardwick and a genealogy of its inhabitants. “The materials embraced in this history were gathered from various sources; among the most important of which were the Records of the Proprietors, of the Church, and of the Town, of Hardwick, including the Registry of Births and Deaths by the Town Clerk, and of Baptisms from the beginning, and of Deaths since 1789, recorded by the several Pastors of the Church, and supplemented by inscriptions on monuments and head-stones in the several cemeteries.” Discussions include: a description of Hardwick; Indian occupation; King Philip; purchases of Indian titles; first settlement at the “Elbows;” names of proprietors; first town officers; early arrangement concerning meeting-house, minister, schools, highways, and pound; proprietors’ records; emigration to Bennington, Vt., with notices; perils encountered by the pioneer emigrants; the American Revolution; the final departure of Brigadier Ruggles from Hardwick; Committee of Correspondence; contribution to Boston sufferers; Declaration of Independence recorded by the Town Clerk; eccentricities of the Town Clerk; the Shays Insurrection; attack on the arsenal at Springfield; boundaries; paupers; slavery; meeting-house and ministry; pastors; separate church and reasons for separation; graduates, clergymen, lawyers, physicians, poets and poetry; French War; War of 1812; population, tax in 1776, and valuation; councilors, senators, representatives, delegates to Congress and conventions; and much more. A 226-page Genealogical Register follows the extensive history. Detailed records for Allen, Paige, Robinson, Ruggles, Warner and many others are included. Researchers will appreciate the surname index which has been added to this edition.


Lucius R. Paige

(1883, 1994), 2014, 5½x8½, paper, index, 586 pp.

ISBN: 9780788455278