Selectmen's Minutes from 1742/3 through 1753

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Selectmen's Minutes from 1742/3 through 1753 - Record Commissioners of the City of Boston. This text comprises the seventh report published by the Record Commissioners of the City of Boston, reprinting the Records of the Selectmen compiled between January 1, 1742 and December 31, 1753. The material included in these records is extremely diverse, concerning the affairs of Boston residents, land owners, entrepreneurs, colonial officials, ship's captains, and others. While the events recorded vary widely in terms of general interest (the inspection of immigrants for evidence of disease, the public exhibition of a microscope, standardization in the ingredients for bread-making, a shortage of wood caused by the Louisbourg Expedition of 1747, etc.), the entries are uniformly dense with the aforementioned references to the Boston citizenry, making this volume a boon to those researching their Massachusetts ancestors. Lists of Selectmen are conspicuous throughout the text, as well as assorted committees, petitioners, recent immigrants and more. The text is enhanced by two indices, one containing subjects and the other full names. (1887), 2000, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 330 pp.

ISBN: 0788415468