King William County, Virginia Record Book Abstracts 1722 and 1785-1786


This publication contains entries from King William County Record Book 1722-1786 beginning on page 111-448 and ending on page 231, May 7, 1722 through March 21, 1722. Also records from King William County Record Book 1785-1786 beginning on page 231 and ending on page 341, March 19, 1785 through June 20, 1786. The office of the Clerk of Courts of King William County was burned in 1885 and the records almost completely destroyed. Those that were saved, charred and dilapidated fragments of sheets from the various books whose bindings had been burned off, were put together without regard to date or subject matter and bound into seventeen volumes. These have been filmed. Before binding the prints however, an effort was made to arrange them. The page numbers and the volume numbers are as they were written in the records.

Ruth Sparacio and Sam Sparacio

2003, 84 pp.

ISBN: 9781680341836