Provincial Families of Maryland, Volume 1

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Provincial Families of Maryland, Volume 1 - Vernon L. Skinner Jr.. Documentation on 24 families who were in Maryland prior to July 4, 1776; mainly lineages of contributors. Includes some descendants of Rev. Thomas Airey, Dr. James Anderson, Georg Peter Bargmann, William Byal, William Cockey, Mathew Compton, Sr., Joseph England, Luke Gardiner, Col. Nicholas Gassaway, William Griffith, David Mackelfresh, William Mayhew, Georg Mehn, John Neal, George Noble, Zaccheus Barrett Onion, Capt. Richard Owings, David Parks, Ninian Riley, John Tarr, Walter Tolley, Zachary Wade, Francis Wells, and John White. 1998, 5½x8½, paper, index, viii+141 pp. 101-S0473 ISBN: 1585494739