The Invasion of Canada in 1775


The Invasion of Canada in 1775: Including the Journal of Captain Simeon Thayer, Describing the Perils and Sufferings of the Army Under Colonel Benedict Arnold, in its March Through the Wilderness to Quebec - Edwin Martin Stone. Captain Simeon Thayer’s journal, combined with Mr. Stone’s notes and appendix, represents a valuable resource in the study of Colonel Benedict Arnold’s march through the wilderness to Quebec and the battle which there ensued.“The Journal of Captain Simeon Thayer makes no pretension to literary merit. It is written, doubtless, to keep fresh in the memory of the author the facts of his personal experience during his march through the wilderness to Quebec, as well as of his confinement while prisoner of war, without expectation of its ever appearing in print. It is here reproduced as it stands in the original, without any change of capital letters or of orthography, and with only such added punctuation as was thought necessary to render clear the meaning of the text.”A list of “Officers of the Rhode Island Historical Society, 1867,” a list of “Works Relating to the Invasion of Canada,” and an index to names, places and subjects enhance the text. (1867, 1997), 2015, 5½x8½, paper, index, 150 pp.

ISBN: 9780788407086