Indian Wars of New England, Volume II


This profusely annotated work is an indispensable resource for the serious scholar. Volume II is divided into four sections: The Land of the Abenake, The French Occupation, King Philip's War and St. Castin's War (also known as King William's War). The first section begins with Cartier's exploration along the St. Lawrence River in 1534, followed by Champlain's probes along the coast of Maine in 1604. This section is rounded out with detailed descriptions of the geography, Abenake culture and relations with the Europeans. The French Occupation deals with the continuing expeditions of Champlain and other explorers, and with French efforts to attract settlers, establish Jesuit missions and develop the fur trading economy. France endeavored to spread her influence in the New World and solidify her alliance with the Indians as England threatened to gain control. Disputes between the European powers in addition to encroachments on Indian lands led to the uprisings known as King Philip's and St. Castin's Wars. Background information relevant to these hostilities is discussed in depth, including the names of the major players and accounts of many individual incidents.

Herbert Milton Sylvester

(1910), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 626 pp.

ISBN: 9780788410536