History of Seymour, Connecticut, With Biographies and Genealogies


History of Seymour, Connecticut, With Biographies and Genealogies - W. C. Sharpe.

In the summer of 1876 several historical sketches were published in the Seymour Record, which were later made up in book form with the intention of making only a small pamphlet. This distinguished book is the result of that humble beginning. The book is not arranged chronologically, but is rather a collection of various articles. A very complete index helps the reader find any person or subject. Seymour's history begins in the 1600s when mention is made of land dealings between the English settlers and the native people. Early settlers' names are liberally strewn throughout this work, which includes histories of churches and schools. This book also includes Revolutionary and Civil War rosters, lists of town officials, merchants, physicians and lodge members. Approximately one-third of the book consists of genealogies which go back as far as the very first settlers of the area. Prominent surnames include French, Booth, Baldwin, Beach, Durand, Holbrook, Wheeler, Upson, Ellis, Stoddard, Hickox, Davis, Hull, Broadwell, Canfield, Riggs, Gillette, Johnson, Steele, Bassett, Sharpe, Tomlinson, Perry, Kinney, Lounsbury, Tucker, Hitchcock, Beecher, Wooster, Baldwin, Moulthrop. The majority of the work has been compiled from the records of the towns of Derby and Seymour, school district and society records, old manuscripts, family records and the recollections of elderly residents. Several highly regarded secondary works were also consulted.

(1879), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 272 pp.

ISBN: 9780788413896