The History of the County of Huntingdon [Canada] and of the Seigniories of Chateaugay and Beauharnois from Their First Settlement to the Year 1838


Huntingdon County was one of twenty-one counties created in Lower Canada as a result of the Canada Act 1791. In 1829, it was split into Beauharnois, Laprairie and L'Acadie Counties and the name "Huntingdon" disappeared only to reappear in reorganized form in 1847. This work covers the complete history of this region dating back to 1673. During the 1800s, immigrants from Europe began to settle in this region. This is the story of "Old Country" immigrants, their struggles, trials and triumphs in subduing an inhospitable tract of country, and their relations with the French-Canadian people. During the years that followed the War of 1812, animosity built up between the French-Canadian and English-Canadian settlers. In 1838, after an aborted attempt to take over the region, the French Patriotes were arrested and imprisoned in Montréal. This book not only offers the reader a thorough historical account, it also provides lists of the first occupants of the surveyed lots within this region. Illustrations, depicting various battle positions, further enhance the text.

Robert Sellar

(1888), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, new index, 620 pp.

ISBN: 9780788419294