Indian Creek Massacre and Captivity of Hall Girls: Complete History of the Massacre of Sixteen Whites


Journey to the bountiful Illinois countryside and meet the participants in this real-life drama—Black Hawk, Chief Shabona, White Crow, members of the Hall family and their neighbors. Feel the pressure build as individuals struggle with the conflict of interests that arose from this culture clash that culminated in the massacre of 1832. Witness the capture of Sylvia and Rachel Hall amidst the slaughter and mutilation of their family and friends, followed by their captivity, rescue and subsequent lives. Enjoy history that read like an adventure novel! In addition to personal interviews with relatives of Sylvia and Rachel Hall, facts were gleaned from books, “correspondence with historical societies, editors of newspapers, and the War and the Interior Department of the United States. …no fact has been stated on tradition without the clues being verified by land records or government documents.” This thrilling tale offers sufficient data and details to tempt reenactors, historians and genealogists alike. Several illustrations and vintage photographs enhance the text.


Charles M. Scanlan 

(1915), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, index, 122 pp.

ISBN: 9780788421778