Smallwood and Carter Connections to Family Histories and Royalty


Featuring the Ancestors of Elmer Eugene Smallwood (husband) and Jean Marie Carter (wife)

This impressive genealogical work contains a remarkable amount of research, listing over 7000 individuals and 1700 surnames. The Royalty Chapter includes connections of selected names to numerous kings and queens, featuring lengthy data for Emperor Charlemagne and King Robert I of Scotland. Data is also included for a few U.S. Presidents. The oldest Descendant Chart is for Antenor who reportedly died 443 B.C. This work is divided into two sections. Smallwood history is featured in Section One, Chapters 1-13, beginning with Col. James Smallwood, followed by chapters for each of his children. Carter history is featured in Section Two, Chapters 14-24 beginning with Richard Carter, followed by chapters for each of his children. Names are formatted in easy-to-read Outline Descendant Charts (fully indexed) with over 900 sources. Many biographies are included.


Jean (Carter) Smallwood 

2002, 8½x11, cloth, index, 536 pp.

ISBN: 0788422464