The Black Hawk War


The Black Hawk War - Frank E. Stevens. This work opens with an overview of Black Hawk’s birth in 1767 and his growth, nothing that he was not a chief but a brave. When his father died, Black Hawk inherited his medicine bag, “with its attendant responsibility”. The bulk of the book describes his place in American history. During the 1830’s Andrew Jackson’s administration pursued a policy of forcing all eastern Indians to move west of the Mississippi River. As part of this effort a treaty of dubious merits was negotiated by the government with certain members of the Saux and Fox tribes by which they ceded to the U.S. 50 million acres of their land comprising the northwestern half of Illinois, and much of southwestern Wisconsin and eastern Missouri. Chief Black Hawk denied the validity of the treaty, and attempted to take back the land by force which resulted in the Black Hawk War of April-August 1832. The Indians were defeated, and many of Black Hawk’s followers were annihilated. In addition, the Winnebagos were forced to relinquish their holdings in Wisconsin, and the Saux and Fox all of eastern Iowa as punishment. This volume provides a detailed history of the war with data on many participants (including numerous portraits), and extracts from contemporary documents. It is interesting to note that Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis both served in this war. “Illustrated with upward of three hundred rare and interesting portraits and views.” (1903, 1993), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, index, 436 pp.

 ISBN: 9781556138591