West Family Genealogy and Family History of the William Nelson West (1775-1846) Family, Revised Edition


Research by the author on the West family spans almost thirty years and includes data gathered by earlier researchers, encompassing over fifty years of research in all! Geographically, the research includes Virginia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma, following the migration of William Nelson and Alsey Rogers West and their descendants. All known descendants are recorded and comprise up to ten generations for some families. Descendants are organized by four major generations and each is listed in the every name index of over 4,400 names. Some of the more abundant additional surnames addressed include: Beard, Brown, Case, Cash, Daughdrill, Davis, Furlow, Gieger, Hargrove, Harralson, Harvey, Hollan, Jolly, Kelley, Kenmore, Maize, Moore, Rogers, Staples, Thompson, Thornhill, Venable, and Weir.

Looking for where your ancestors are buried? Sometimes learning where ancestors are buried can be an almost impossible task. Locating cemeteries by county is difficult enough by itself. The author has performed this initial research for you in many cases and has included burial locations from other researchers' data and cemetery surveys. A cemetery appendix includes names of over 400 individuals with their burial locations. Military service is listed for a smaller number of individuals, particularly those who served with the Confederacy during the Civil War. Company, regiment, and National Archives reference are included at a minimum. Information on later service records is included when known.

Two additional bonuses of this West genealogy are photographs and narratives. There are 100 photographs in the book, most of them historic. These were selected from the many, many photographs submitted by West descendants and represent nearly every major family listed. Along with the genealogical data, individual narratives are included that are beautiful to read and help us get a more personal viewpoint of our ancestors. Narratives provide oral histories of events affecting ancestors and include service during the Civil War, the westward migration, homesteading in Indian Territory, circuit rider preachers, the wild west, life on the farm during the dust bowl, Christmases past, and many other glimpses into the recent and not so recent past. Want to learn more about Jesse Jolly West's life and family and about his tragic death with three other men by mob lynching in the lawless Ada, Oklahoma of 1909? Read the chapter on Jesse's life and refer to the many additional sources for more extensive background reading on the events leading up to Jesse's death.

Karen West Scott

(1998), 2010, 5½x8½, paper, index, 462 pp.

ISBN: 9780788452581