Culpeper County, Virginia Deed Book Abstracts 1788-1789


This volume contains abstracts from Culpeper County, Virginia deed books (1788–1789). The first part of this Book is a continuation of Culpeper County Deed Book O, 1787–1789. These abstracts begin on page 311 and end on page 523 for courts held 18 August 1777 through 16 February 1789. The remainder of this book is taken from Culpeper County Deed Book P, 1789–1790. These abstracts begin on page 1 and end on page 148 for courts held 18 February 1789 through 20 July 1789. Records generally include the full names of all persons involved in the transaction (grantor, grantee, witnesses, and court officials), sum paid, description and location of property, date of transaction and date recorded. A full-name and place index adds to the value of this work.

Ruth and Sam Sparacio

(), 2022, 8½x11, paper, index, 134 pp.