The Broken Sword, A Novel of the American War for Independence at Sea


In the early autumn of 1775, the Virginia Tidewater was a turbulent and chaotic territory. Loyalties were very far from being decided. Many Virginians still entertained hopes for a peaceful reconciliation with King George III. Jack Cunningham is a man marked by these deeply divided loyalties. This thrilling historical novel is set in the beginning of the American Revolution and follows Jack Cunningham, a sailor, through the bloody years of the Revolution as he struggles to choose between his loyalty to a dying empire and his enthusiasm for a promising, but troubled, new nation. Combat, both at sea and ashore, as well as cloak and dagger espionage in the colonial town of Norfolk, Virginia, will keep readers, especially armchair sailors, on the edge of their seat.

Charles White

(2005, 2006), 5½x8½, paper, 212 pp.

ISBN: 9780788435850