History of Chautauqua County, New York [2 vols.]


From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time; with Numerous Biographical and Family Sketches

The first two-hundred-plus pages of this large two-volume set provide a general history of the region and county, while the balance consists of histories of each town in the county. The town histories present an account of the formation of the town, its early settlement, and a series of biographical and genealogical sketches which often constitute the bulk of the text. The wealth of genealogical material in this work has been made easily accessible by the addition of an every-name index. Numerous portraits are included.

Chapters include: Chautauqua Anterior to Its Pioneer Settlement, Preliminary History—Holland Company’s Purchase, Early Settlement of the County, Pioneer History, Reflections on Pioneer Life, Education, Religious History, Organization of Chautauqua County, Early Roads, Early Mails and Mail Routes, Policy of the Holland Land Company, La Fayette in Chautauqua, Temperance History, Antislavery History, Medical Societies, Agricultural Societies, Railroads in Chautauqua, Political History, War History: War of 1812 and Civil War, County Newspapers, Old Settlers’ Festivals, and The Great Eclipse of 1806. Town histories are provided for: Arkwright, Busti, Carroll, Charlotte, Chautauqua, Cherry Creek, Clymer, Dunkirk, Ellery, Ellicott, Ellington, French Creek, Gerry, Hanover, Harmony, Kiantone, Mina, Poland, Pomfret, Portland, Ripley, Sheridan, Sherman, Stockton, Villenova, and Westfield. Supplemental material covers Chautauqua Antiquities, Indians, Cold Summer, Arkwright, Carroll, Chautauqua, Dunkirk, Ellicott–Jamestown, Hanover, Harmony, Poland, Pomfret, Ripley, Sherman, Stockton, Villenova, Westfield, Conewango (Cattaraugus Co.), Retirement of Judges, and Banks. Official registers are provided for Justices of the Peace, Coroners, Members of Congress, State Senators, Members of Assembly, Delegates to Constitutional Conventions, Presidential Electors, Circuit and County Judges, Justices of the Supreme Court, District Attorneys, Surrogates, Sheriffs, Clerks, Treasurers, Superintendents of Poor, and of Common Schools. Chautauqua Lake is also examined.

Andrew W. Young

(1875), 1990), 2015, 5½x8½, paper, index, 2 vols., 934 pp.

ISBN: 9781556134005