Guntersville Reservoir Cemeteries

The thirty-five cemeteries involved in this reservoir were primarily found in Jackson and Marshall Counties, Alabama. Thirty-three of these occupied sites that were purchased by T.V.A. and therefore, were involved in the removal system. Only 250 graves were below pool level in fourteen cemeteries. Each of these 250 graves were researched and descendants were found to sign a release form to “remove” or “remain” for that grave.

Example from this volume:

#11 - GRANTHAM PRIVATE CEMETERY - This cemetery located on the property of Grantham (heirs) in Section 19, TWP 6S, R5E, elevation 621 feet. This cemetery to be inaccessible by road, We executed 48 remain permits and cemetery to remain at present location. Here follows the 48 graves with information for each of them.


James L. Douthat


1986, paper, 98 pp.

ISBN: 9780788498008