Alabama Soldiers in the Cherokee War


During the removal of the Cherokee from the east out to the west, General Winfield Scott called up a number of volunteer militia from North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. These men were to act as guards and troops to usher the Cherokee westward on the various trails that were taken in the “Trail of Tears”. The militia from Alabama called up were from the northeastern section of the state primarily from Madison and Jackson County. Since each of the various companies were under the direction of a captain, these men came from about the same area as their captain. Each captain is appointed by the government of the county to serve in that capacity and all of his men came from a certain geographical region around his home site.

This volume contain two different listings. One is the alphabetical listing of all of the men with notes on some of the names that might have been spelled in two or more forms. The second listing is of the Companies listed under their Captain. The officers are in one list and the privates in a second list under each Company.

James L. Douthat

2016, paper, 24 pp.

ISBN 9780788498121