Effingham County, Georgia History and Biographies


Effingham County, located on the Savannah River, was created by Constitution of Feb. 5, 1777 from Parishes of St. Matthew and St. Philip which had been set up in 1758. Effingham County was named for Lord Effingham, friend of American Colonies. He resigned from the British Army when ordered to serve in America. The historical portion of this material continued from the beginning of the county up to the time of the original publication in mid-1880s. The biographical portions were submitted by the families themselves, therefore, are more accurate than other sources.

Abram J. Futrell, merchant, Guyton, Effingham Co., GA, son of Christopher and Sarah (Blitch) Futrell, was born in Effingham county, Feb. 15, 1842. His father was a farmer and died when he [Abram] was only five years old, but his mother is still living at the advanced age of eighty-two years.

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