Newton County, Georgia History and Biographies


Newton County, located in the upper mid-state, is named after Sgt. John Newton, who served under Gen. Francis Marion, the "Swamp Fox", in the American Revolutionary War. It was created on December 24, 1821. During the American Civil War, the county provided the Lamar Infantry, which was a part of Cobb's Legion. The biographical portions were submitted by the families themselves.

Example Oliver S. Porter. Sometimes some of the most progressive and useful citizens of a community are found among those who, never self-seeking, recoil from notoriety; they not only do not sound their own praises or merits, but would if they could prevent others from doing so. Oliver S. Porter, manufacturer, Covington, Newton Co., Ga., son of James and Athline (Cox) Porter, was born in Greene county, Ga., in 1836. ...etc..

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