Jessamine County, Kentucky Revolutionary Soldiers Biographies


Jessamine County, is a part of the Lexington-Fayette metropolis area of middle Kentucky. It was established in 1798 from land given up by Fayette County to become the 36th county established in Kentucky. It was named for Jessamine Douglass, the daughter of a pioneer settler. It was here in the late 18th century that Kentucky General Assembly passed a bill to allow wine making and vineyards in the Nicholasville area to be the first in the United States using European grapes. This volume is the story of many of the early settlers of the area with each having been a veteran of the Revolutionary War and most coming from Virginia. With each biographical sketch, you will find what is given in official records as their service records, family records and some person records of each of the 140 men listed from five different listing of Revolutionary War Veterans in the County.

James L. Douthat

2018, paper, 54 pp.

ISBN: 9780788495656