Northumberland County, Virginia, 1678-1699 Court Order Book, Part 2


This publication is a transcription of Northumberland County, Virginia 1678-1699 Court Order Book Part Two, Court Orders for April 20, 1687 through December 21, 1698. The Hamricks continue their transcription of the seventeenth century Northumberland order books with this fourth volume (see Northumberland County, Virginia 1699 Court Order Book, Part 1 and Part 2). A faithful transcription of the court order for these years from this eastern Tidewater county. Northumberland was part of the Northern Neck of the Fairfax Grant, and it was created in 1645 out of the former Chickakoan Indian District.

NOTE: because of the size of this volume, the index of names is bound separate from the Order Book; it is, however, included with each order.

Charles and Virginia Hamrick

2004, 8½" x 11", index, 639 pp.