Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Clarence V. Roberts

Bucks County was created in 1682 and was one of the first three counties created within the state. It is the parent county to Northampton and Lehigh counties. It sits in the Delaware Valley just north of Philadelphia in the Southeastern portion of the state boarding New Jersey. This book is a collection of genealogical and historical information about the first settlers who located in the upper part of Bucks County. Each of the 44 families for which a chapter is devoted to came from Wales or England. Families for which the reader will find genealogies: Adamson, Ashton, Ball, Blackledge, Burson, Cadwallader, Carr, Chapman, Clothier, Custard, Dennis, Edwards, Foulke, Green, Griffith, Hallowell, Heacock, Hicks, Iden, Jamison, Johnson, Kinsey, Lancaster, Lester, Levick, Lewis, Lott, McCarty, Miller, Morgan, Morris, Nixon, Penrose, Phillips, Rawlings, Roberts, Shaw, Strawn, Thomas, Thomson, Walton and Zorns. 

1925, (2019), paper, 742 pp.

ISBN: 9780893087364