Orange County, Virginia Families, Volume 2


Orange County, Virginia Families, Volume #2.

William E. Brockman.

Orange county was created from Spotsylvania County, VA. in 1734. In turn it is the parent county of: Augusta, Culpeper, Greene & Frederick. The records contained within this volume are: 2000 marriage bonds from 1747-1824; a list of Importations from 1735-1756 giving persons names and origin of country; Military Commissions from 1735-1793 giving names, dates and rank; a list of Revolutionary soldiers giving dates of enlistments along with any known additional information of service; a list of Bonds & Administrations from 1752-1796, Chancery Suits from 1739-1760; a list of Bonds 1735-1799; Court Orders-Military Services 1738-1785; a list of persons from Orange county who served in the War of 1812 & Mexican War; Military Claims 1785-1795; Tithables 1736-1758; and genealogies of Brockmans, Collins, Gaydens, Merrys, Sims, Rhodes, and Woolfolks.

 1957, (2010), paper, 283 pp.

ISBN: 9780893087944