Lincoln County, Tennessee Minute Docket Book 1, 1811-1812


Located in middle Tennessee, Lincoln County was created in 1809. These minutes of the docket book for 1811-1812 are early records of land transactions in particular. Many road orders are included that give the neighborhoods and listing of persons living along a certain stretch of road are value in establishing who married who, etc.

Example from this volume:

Page 49 [original page number]
Ordered by the Court that Samuel Isaacs be overseer of the road from the Widow Thompsons to the Ford up the Creek above said Isaacs and call on the hands in said bounds square across the Creek, as agreed on, issued 13th March 1811.

Page 88
To all to whom it may concern this is to give notice that I was executor of Robert Irwin deceased shall attend at the House of Chinnault on the north side of Elk River in order to establish the begining [sic] corner of a certain tract of land in the name of Nathan Orr on the first Tuesday in August next and shall continue day after day until the business is ended. James Moore.

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